Mommy the Blue Paint is Spilling!-Handling Interruptions Well

It’s day one of Spring Break.

Last night I had a plan to rise early and have some quiet time with God and my own thoughts. I would map out a silver bullet plan for the week, and get all the things done.

I slept in. The speedy footsteps of my favorite three year old woke me up, but only enough for horizontal morning cuddles. Cuddles so delicious that the only acceptable interruptions were a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch and having to go potty.

Our loose morning routine began: breakfast, getting dressed, letting the dog out, etc. This morning we moved slowly. We didn’t have a slow morning because I was off work and could enjoy our little boy and comfy home. It was a slow morning because every second before was packed with activity and sleep, and I didn’t know what on Earth to do next. I’d left myself with no time to figure out my life even a few hours ahead of time.

Our boy decided he wanted to eat his cereal at his activity table in the backyard screened-in. What a great idea! I wiped of the hardened Playdoh crumbs and placed the bowl down. He sat and ate happily. Feeling content, I walked a few feet away to do schedule my car service appointment.

Minutes later I’m speaking through disappointment to the poor customer service rep who has to tell me my car warranty is cancelled because I haven’t gotten my car serviced in so long I broke my end of the contract. This conversation was coming to a close, and I heard our boy yell from the bathroom,

“Mommy, the blue paint is spilling!”

Huh? What? When did he leave the table in the screened-in and go to the bathroom?

Where on God’s green Earth did he find blue paint?

He walks slowly in to the kitchen carefully balancing a wet tray of water colors that were inside of his activity table. The water colors were intriguing enough to abandon the bowl of cereal with a backyard view for the bathroom sink that could make the colors come alive.

When you’re three you don’t always think about what will happen next. Shoot, I didn’t still hadn’t figured out what I was going to do next.

What I did know is that I woke up undecided about whether I should take our boy to school and have a day to catch up on life, or spend extra time with our boy that is non-existent when I’m working.

I had clicked “INTERESTED” on Facebook Events of activities to take him to in case I decided to fill our mommy/son bucket. At the same time I was craving my desperately needed “woosah”.

Him or me?

I knew it was him when I walked in to our half bathroom and saw spots of blue watercolor on the floor. I wanted to take time to show him how to clean it up, and then maybe pull out the brushes and actually watercolor with my son. If we rushed to school as usual I would clean up the small mess myself, and maybe not right away, throw the kid and all the things in the car, gave the dog a Milkbone, and speed off in to more activity.

I had my answer at, “Mommy, the blue paint is spilling!”

God spoke to me so clearly through those blue spots on a tile floor. I saw them and knew our boy had reached levels of curiosity and thought that I was prepped to miss out on. This was my chance to show him what to do with those ideas that seem good until you act on them at the wrong time. What a big life lesson!

I’m glad I didn’t miss that teachable moment.

Pay attention to life’s interruptions.

Think about the lesson in the interruption.

Adjust appropriately to the interruption.

Walk away better because you didn’t miss the opportunity in the interruption.

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