Fight With Fun

Last year I asked God what my word for 2022 was, and I kept hearing the word fun . I kept praying for a different word because I thought fun wasn’t profound or holy enough. Now that we’ve spent a few months in 2022 I understand why fun is necessary.

Fun makes you laugh.

Fun strengthens relationships.

Fun makes you remember what you enjoy.

Fun takes the pressure off.

Fun makes you forget what was stressing you out.

Fun makes you take a deep breath.

Having fun is warfare.

I know that went deep for a word the means to keep it light, but that’s what I do. I go deep! I see God in literally everything.

So don’t mind us over here having fun on purpose! I’ll be sharing peeks of our fun all 2022. Because life can get heavy and we need to have fun on purpose.

What do you do with your people for fun?

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