Doing School at Home – Rephrase Your Praise

Having to help our children do school at home is a MAJOR shift for most of us. The range of emotions attached range from, “I love having more time with my kids” to “I’m learning so much about my children” to “ I apologize to all my children’s teachers, I had no idea they were this difficult!”

If this is still a struggle for you after trying the tips from the last post try one of these next three tips this week:

Rephrase Your Praise

It comes so naturally to tell our children sweet and doting phrases when they do things that make us happy.

You are so smart!

Great job genius!

Nice work!

That was brilliant!

You are amazing!

I’ve learned over the years from that it’s better for our kids’ young minds to understand our praise when we detach them from our emotions, and attach them to what we notice and see them do.

You studied really hard, and it shows!

I like when you try new things, that’s brave!

I see you used lots of colors in your picture, and I really like how that looks!

I noticed you helped your brother clean up his mess, and that shows how kind you can be.

I see your hard work is paying off because your grades are getting better!

This type of specific praise let’s our children know that we see them, and what they should continue to keep doing. Less specific and more emotional praise makes us all feel good in the moment, but doesn’t show our kids the way. It can also become an inconsistent way to shape behaviors if we are not in a great mood the next time they do something that earned praise in the past. They can become confused about what to do that pleases you.

Be What You Want to See

Imagine it’s time for your children to complete their school work, and you go in the kitchen to clean the dishes. How do the kids do getting that work done on their own?

Save those activities away from the kids for when they have free time. When it’s time for them to work be in their line of vision and let them see you working too. Dishes can be done while they are playing or watching TV.

Friendly Competition

While you are all working at the same time it may be a good idea to introduce a challenge. Tell them to be done with work for one teacher before you finish your conference call, before a timer goes off, or before their sibling finishes reading a chapter.

You can incentivize this by letting the winner chose a preferred activity or snack later.

What else if working, or not working, with doing school at home?

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