Doing School at Home – Talk Back to Me

Let’s face it: doing school at home is hard. No amount of tips on Earth will change that. Hard can be improved, and made more bearable, with a few adjustments.

Meet in the Morning

Start the beginning of the day with a morning meeting with your kids. There are 4 steps.

First, greet them. Actually say good morning, call them by name, make eye contact, and smile.

Second, do an activity together like: a devotional, listen to music, play a short game, exercise, cook breakfast, or call a family member.

Third, take some share time about: how you’re feeling, the days goals, current events, etc. Pick one question to ask them, and listen to what they have to say. Then let them hear what you have to say.

Last, tell your message about the expectations for the day.

Try to get all of this in 20 minutes. You’ll notice it will set a tone of teamwork and community.

Talk Back to Me

We may get frustrated when our children don’t seem to listen, or do what we tell them in the wrong way. Many of our children struggle to hold on to more than a certain amount of words at a time, or the hear the last thing we said and forget what came before that. Some children are still developing their listening skills, so it’s ok to ask them to repeat back to you what you just said.

Try to limit what you tell your kids to do to 2 items, and let them say what they heard before you send them off. You may be surprised by what they heard.

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