Don’t be a Terrible Teacher-Let Me Explain

Terrible may be a strong word, but it’s there for the alliteration.

Terrible – extremely bad, serious, unwell, or troubled (New Oxford American Dictionary)

May be terrible is the right word after all. Let me explain.

Teaching is hard. Most days it’s not humanly possible to get it all done. It’s a professional space that can be discouraging and disheartening.

I’ve spent 15 years is various types of classroom settings, and two years coaching teachers. There are many things we are told not to be. Let me share what you can be that will help:

Be Smart

Never stop learning. Browse the blogs. Follow the social media platforms. Watch the YouTube videos. Participate in webinars. Read the books. Go to the conferences. Present at the conferences. Go see how others teachers do it. Create resources and courses for others so that you become helpful to others.

Be Helpful

If someone needs you, go. If you found a great resource, share. You’re strong and smart enough to help someone and do your thing at the same time. Plus, it will refocus your view from “me” to “us”. One day you won’t be strong enough and you’ll need help. Give help when you can and see if it doesn’t infuse some fun in your work day.

Be Fun

It’s easy to take yourself too seriously. Remember to have fun on purpose. Laugh a lot. Plan your fun if you have to. Find reasons to celebrate all things big and small. Be silly with your students. Joke with your colleagues. Giggle at yourself. Smile more than you don’t.

What keeps you from being a terrible teacher?

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