When Date Nights Die-A Personal Easter Story

Eight years ago I was asked to speak to a group of ladies who had also experienced a spouse, parent, or child returning home from war. It was a high tea, and it would be a room full of mostly strangers. I was was flattered and nervous.

My connection to this group began a few months prior when I became a member of a book club that was reading When War Comes Home.

The tea was a gathering to celebrate completing the book and would take place the week before Easter.

My memory surrounding this whole occasion is fuzzy, but I do remember praying frantically for a topic to speak about that was meaningful, relevant, and maybe even a little life changing.

Meaningful, relevant, life-changing…

Then it came to me.

I was speaking the week before Easter.

What other topic could be more meaningful, relevant, and life changing than the most famous death and resurrection in all of human history?

I needed more though, and knew deep down this message needed to be personal.

A personal Easter story.

What was my personal Easter Story?

What was lifeless but desperately needed a comeback?

What did I need to come back to life like our Savior did on the third day?

That was the topic, and it was a hit.

I don’t remember what I needed then, but now my personal Easter story could be about bringing back a laundry list of necessities that have died in my life:

-my workout routine

-a relationship with my father

-my dream of authoring books

-being free of credit card debt

-meal prepping

-date nights with my husband

I could go on.

What about you? What about now?

What’s on the Lampstand today? Your own personal Easter story: bringing life back to something you desperately need to be alive again.

Pick something you really need to come alive. Be choosy and believe in it. This is important. Try it again, but this time with God.

-plan a sitter for a movie time and go out with your lover. This was mine! I asked my guy, ” What day do you want to go see The Avengers?” He said, “Sunday”. Done.

-sign up for a Planet Fitness membership and actually go. I’m preaching to myself here!

-make a habit of texting one person a week you have lost touch with to simply reconnect.

Then keep doing it. Bring it back to life.

What do you need your personal Easter Story to be? Share it in the comments below.

Update: My husband and I are doing 23 dates in 2023, and have begun journaling together.

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