Save it Under Cookie-Why You Need a Spiritual Mentor

On a really nice day in April I got to treat my spiritual mother out to lunch.

A spiritual mother. At one point in life this wasn’t anything I’d expected, or even knew existed. I have an amazing mom, grandmothers, mother-in-law, and aunts. Why did I, or anyone else, need a spiritual mother?

In August of 2009 I was beginning a new job at a new school, and my wedding was less than 3 months away. I needed a listening ear, and God knew it.

Across the hall was a seasoned teacher, Ms. Thompson. She was dressed to impressed, loved on her students, and was also adjusting to a new job at a new school. She needed a listening ear, and God knew it.

She stopped by to chat and ask questions almost everyday. I found out that I’d known one of her daughters as a student, that we were sorority sisters, both military spouses, and that she was a minister. We shared and gave advice about challenges in the classroom, marriage, money, children, and faith. It wasn’t long before our chats became impromptu counseling sessions infused with prayers. This was a God thing for sure.

During one of our chats Ms. Thompson shared that she told her oldest daughter about me. She introduced me as her daughter in the spirit.

Those words fell on me like a warm and weighty blanket.

I had a spiritual mother.

It felt unexpected, comforting, and beautiful.

When she retired we kept in touch.

Later we moved on to her street, but I had so many plates spinning that I’d left my friendships on the back burner. We hadn’t seen each other in months.

This day we reconnect.

We drive to a casual seafood restaurant with a view and catch up. We chat about our husbands, children, her grandchildren, my job, her retirement, hairstyles, mutual friends, her new ministry role, our prayer lives, books we’ve read, fashion, what to watch on Netflix, our travels, the food on the table, and how all of her family and friends call her by her nickname “Cookie”.

I laughed about that. Calling her Cookie never felt right. I just called her Mother.

Hours later we are about to part ways. I started to wish her well when she interrupts me to say we are going to pray before we leave.

Of course we were going to pray! That’s what we do.

I told her I’d begin and she could join in when I was done. She looked at me kindly and shook her head.

“No, you’re going to pray and I’m going to see where my daughter is at with her prayer life.” 

This is why every woman of faith needs a spiritual mother. She will push you out of all of your comfort zones, and leave you feeling scolded, loved, and wanting better.

I got quiet, took a breath, and let the words of praise and prayer flow. when I finished praying I felt peace.

Praying with someone who knows, loves, and believes in you is not just a cute idea. It is absolutely necessary.

If you have a spiritual mother, father or mentor, thank God for them and then take them out to lunch.

If you don’t, it’s time to pray for one.

They are not a luxury, they are a necessary relationship that will push you in to being who you really are.

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