Doing School at Home – Savor the Sweet Moments

So what’s going right?

Most of us have been doing school at home for about two months now. For some it has come to an end, and for others it will soon. It has been a struggle at best, but I have walked away from the experience with some silver linings.

At work I’ve seen my colleagues connect with each other, their students, and their families at much deeper levels. They have learned new ways to teach remotely almost overnight. The new learning will change how they exist professionally forever, and that’s not a bad thing. Sweet.

At home my husband and I have talked more, made progress on our financial goals, and completed house projects that had been lingering. We’ve helped our son get better at riding his bike, scooter, hitting a baseball, shooting a jumpshot, recognizing and writing numbers and letters, coloring, and painting. Our dog has never gotten so much love and attention. Sweet.

In our community we have had more conversations with our neighbors than we’ve had in a very long time. We’ve supported a number of restaurants and food trucks. There’s been time to discover the nature in our area that we would have made time for before. Sweet.

This time has left us with a number of sweet moments to savor.

What have been some of your sweet moments while doing school at home?

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